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The sympathetic beekeeper:

A beekeeper decides to go back to school, so she signs up for classes at the college. In her first class, the professor says, “Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed and maybe even feeling stupid. If so, please stand up." No one stands up. After a long pause the beekeeper stands up, alone. “Fine,” said the professor. “You’re feeling a little intimidated, a little dumb?” “No,” said the beekeeper, “But I didn't want you to feel that way alone.”


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The friendly bee story:

A man is driving down the road and runs out of gas. Then, a friendly bee flies in the window. The bee says, 'What seems to be the problem?" The man explains he's out of gas. The bee says "No problem.

Two beekeepers are talking:

#1 says "that’s a bee." #2 says "no, it’s not, that’s an idiot." #1 gives in and says "You are right. That’s an idiot." Then both beekeepers look at each other, nod, and say "Agree to diss-a-bee!"

Yet another beekeeping story:

A doctor tells a woman she has only half a year to live. "Oh, doctor, what should I do?" she asks. The doctor advises her to marry a beekeeper and to move with him to Wyoming. The woman asks if this


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