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We are a "beekeepers first" bee club, working to support and connect beekeepers of Western Washington, so . .

Membership is NOT required to receive our monthly newsletter.

Because our mission is to support beekeepers and connect them with each other and with the resources they need to be successful, our newsletter is free.

Join us at our 3rd Wednesday meetings, 6:30PM PST. (For the link, see the newsletter or Facebook page, or you can request the link by emailing

Join our Facebook Discussion Group.

(For the same reason stated above, this is open to those keeping bees in Western Washington or those interested in keeping bees and living in Western Washington. Ask to join at by clicking "More" and then "Groups.")

Watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

Membership IS required to take classes (either online or in-person mini-classes outdoors that we call HiveSides Hands-On).

We appreciate you becoming a member, but if you only wish to receive the newsletter, please request by emailing or by clicking the "Contact Us" button below, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page:

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