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Tier 1 of the 4-tier WASBA certification

We offer Beginning Beekeeper classes year-round because taking such a class is such an important step. Ideally, prospective beekeepers take an in-depth class, not just a sales promo, before purchasing any equipment or bees.  Because bees and equipment should be ordered during the winter or in early spring, a class in Winter or early Spring before ordering anything can prevent many mistakes and disappointment.

Dates and times for next Beginning Beekeeper session is given below:

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Beginning Beekeeper

Bringing Bees, Beekeepers & Bee People Together

Email or call Eli at 206-859-7392 if the following information does not answer all your questions.

     If these class dates and times do not work for you,  email to be placed on notification list for later classes. SKBA offers Beginner about 6 times per year, Apprentice about 4 times and Journeyman as requested.


     The next Beginning Beekeeper course (Tier 1 of the 4-tier WASBA certifications) is offered by SnoKing Beekeepers via zoom in 7 Thursday evening sessions starting Feb. 16th and ending March 30, 2023. Each session runs 6:30 PM - 8 PM with as much additional time afterwards as needed for questions and discussion after each session.   

Please note that this course presents an opportunity to meet Gina Cuff, local beekeeper in this area, who will be the instructor for this course. Eli Ocheltree will still be teaching other levels but this is a special opportunity for students to hear the views of another experienced Western Washington beekeeper.

Class & outline: Class powerpoint presentations generally follow the chapters in the manual. We'll email an outline for each session that has some notes on it to reduce the need for notetaking. Powerpoint presentation is more detailed than the manual.

     Application: Please fill out the class application, if possible online at by clicking on the button below. If online application is not possible, we will be glad to send you an application by email. Completing the application is important: the manual will be sent to the address given, and the name on application goes on the certificate.

     Manual: The printed manual is sent to the address on the application. Also, I can send you the digital, but you have paid for a print version when you pay for the class.

      WASBA membership: The Washington State Beekeepers Association wrote the manual and issues your certificate a couple weeks after the end of the course. WASBA considers your annual dues to them paid when we request your certificate after you pass the test.

     Payment: $60 total ($35 for the course plus $25 for dues Oct 1, 2022 – Sept. 30, 2023) by 

1. paypal to, or 

2. via Facebook “Donate” button on facebook at the address @SnoKingBeekeepers, or by

3. check to SnoKing Beekeepers Association, 15324 228th ST SE, Snohomish,  WA

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Eli Ocheltree, master beekeeper

SnoKing Beekeepers Association

206-859-7392, 8AM to 10PM.

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