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SnoKing Beekeepers Association:

an online success story

      Although we are not even 3 years old as a bee club, within in the last 2 years, we have offered online classes at 3 levels – Beginner, Apprentice, and Journeyman, including the first online Journeyman academic course for WASBA. Advantages of online classes include streamlining the paperwork burden of processing applications & payment, creating class email lists, testing, and requesting WASBA certificates at the end of the course, making all our volunteer efforts more efficient – and making our members happier! Not only did Covid change the way we meet and teach,  we also were pushed to develop a YouTube, Facebook and web presence faster than we might otherwise. We look forward to accomplishing much more while realizing the advantages of  web technology. We hope to make your experience as a beekeeper seeking information and networking opportunities a little smoother. 

      The December WASBA newsletter should contain an article about SnoKing Beekeepers and other WASBA bee clubs going online during the restrictions. Here is the complete article we sent to them about our response to the pandemic.

     Congratulations to our members, donors and supporters of the last 3 years who have made this success story possible.                                                                                                                          Eli Ocheltree, Master Beekeeper

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