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Classes at all levels are offered year-round via Zoom. Beginner is offered about 6 times per year, year round. Apprentice is offered about 4 times per year and Journeyman at least twice per year (more often upon demand). These are not casual, sales promotion courses; instead, these are in-depth courses to aid hive management. Classes are offered on weekday evenings or on Saturday mornings.


BEGINNER: None. Just bring your interest in beekeeping!

APPRENTICE: (1) Completion of Beginner by taking the course or challenging* it, and (2) one season of keeping bees.

JOURNEYMAN: see for recently updated requirements. To take the academic portion, you must have completed Apprentice.

*To challenge courses or for other course content questions, call Eli Ocheltree 206-859-7392 or email

      Beginner and Apprentice courses each consist of seven sessions. In each session, a 90-minute powerpoint presentation is followed by as much time as desired to discuss or answer questions on class material or other beekeeping concerns. Journeyman follows the same format, but requires 10 sessions to cover the class material.

For registration, go to the course in which you are interested to see the sessions currently open for enrollment.

JOURNEYMAN: call Eli Ocheltree 206-859-7392 or email if you have questions. If the current dates/times offering for Winter 2024 does not work with your schedule, let Eli know if you wish to be notified by email when the dates and times are set for the next class, either the Fall 2024 session or the Winter 2025 session or both.

Classes for fun or certification by

Washington State Beekeeping Association (WASBA)

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Tier 1 of the 4-tier WASBA certification


Tier 2 of the 4-tier WASBA certification


Tier 3 of the 4-tier WASBA certification

April through August


Working with the Bees

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