Hivesides Hands-On

     Our outdoor mini-classes for members, HandsOn Hivesides, have restarted. The next dates available for those who wish to sign up are Saturdays 2 PM - 4PM at the Maltby location.

    Space is limited to about 7 participants per class, so advance registration is required by email to Eli at Please indicate how many are attending and on which date and we will confirm by email. If you wish to be notified as other HiveSide locations offer classes, please indicate which ones in the email: Granite Falls, Sultan, Maltby).

      Announcements of dates and times will be made on a week by week basis for the other 2 Hiveside locations on other Saturdays and Sundays, dependent on weather and host availability. We can send a group email a day or 2 in advance of each opening. Please respond asap if you receive such a notification of openings and wish to attend.


     We can only open hives and demonstrate inspection techniques if the weather is close to or about 60 degrees F and sunny. If we can’t open bee hives, there is still lots to show and demonstrate:

  1. 2 methods of oxalic acid vaporization (a popular treatment for Varroa) and how to light a smoker.

  2. BYOS (Bring Your Own Smoker) and we will help you light it and see how to keep it going.

  3. Spring feeding and hive management, apiary setup, etc.

  4. Broodminder sensor & FLIR photography

      If you are interested in seeing the Broodminder app used to upload data, we have a sensor at each HiveSide. Broodminder and FLIR are not essential for beekeeping but are fun to use to image what’s going on inside our hives, and they give us an excuse to “talk bees” during the fall/winter months.


     As we get started in 2022, if you are interested in and able to attend at more than one location, email with the workable sites and dates. If you are interested in only one site, you may directly contact the Hiveside host for the location you wish to visit  and ask to be put on the notification list for upcoming HiveSides as follows: