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Class Registration

Beginning Beekeeper Application

     We offer the first 3 tiers of the 4-tier curriculum of the Washington State Beekeepers Association: Beginning, Apprentice & Journeyman. If you are unsure which class to register for, please contact us first.

For information on the Next Beginner Class scheduled, please click here:

     The beginning course may be challenged if desired. Payment of membership and class fee will still be required, but experienced beekeepers or beekeepers who have taken other beginner class may wish to read the manual and challenge the online test. Email Eli Ocheltree at if you wish to do so. Otherwise, the curriculum is designed to be sequential. There is no prerequisite, and no experience required, for taking Beginning Beekeeper. However, earning the Beginning certificate and one year's experience are prerequisites for Apprentice Class. Likewise, earning the Apprentice certificate and some beekeeping experience are prerequisites for Journeyman.

      If registering for a class, please add and to your "Contacts" or "Safe Senders" list to keep our response to your application and payment from going into your Spam folder. If you are expecting a response from us, please also check there if you have not added those addresses.

Beginning Beekeeper Class Application
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Please indicate whether you are paying $25 membership dues as well as $35 for the class, or you have already paid 2021-2022 membership and are only paying $35 for the class.
Select a payment option to let us know how you intend to pay. Please note that payment must be made after the "Submit" button is clicked or all information on this form is erased.
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