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We are running out of jokes for 2022. Here's a beekeeper story instead:

Mabel lived in town and kept bees in the backyard. It was legal to keep bees inside the city limits, but she kept them hidden. She felt she could not tell anyone about the bees after a neighbor threatened a lawsuit if she didn’t get rid of her bees. That mean neighbor finally moved away, and a new neighbor moved in, but Mabel decided to never tell him about her hives.

For years, Mabel kept the hives secret. If the neighbor noticed bees flying around, Mabel pretended they were flies. When the neighbor talked about ecology and environment and the importance of encouraging pollinators, Mabel refrained from mentioning her bees. It was easiest for her to just avoid visiting with the new neighbor.

Finally, the neighbor was moving out. He apologized to Mabel that they had never become good friends, and wondered if Mabel was afraid of the bees that he had been hiding in his back yard.

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The friendly bee story:

A man is driving down the road and runs out of gas. Then, a friendly bee flies in the window. The bee says, 'What seems to be the problem?" The man explains he's out of gas. The bee says "No problem.

Two beekeepers are talking:

#1 says "that’s a bee." #2 says "no, it’s not, that’s an idiot." #1 gives in and says "You are right. That’s an idiot." Then both beekeepers look at each other, nod, and say "Agree to diss-a-bee!"

Yet another beekeeping story:

A doctor tells a woman she has only half a year to live. "Oh, doctor, what should I do?" she asks. The doctor advises her to marry a beekeeper and to move with him to Wyoming. The woman asks if this


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