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Another beekeeper story:

A young man shows up for his first day working for an old beekeeper. The old-timer tells him to paint a stack of hive boxes. The young man looks at the job to do and says, “You don’t seem to realize – I have a college education!” The old beekeeper pauses, has to think for a minute, and finally says, “I’m sorry. I’ll show you how to hold the paint brush."

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A man is driving down the road and runs out of gas. Then, a friendly bee flies in the window. The bee says, 'What seems to be the problem?" The man explains he's out of gas. The bee says "No problem.

#1 says "that’s a bee." #2 says "no, it’s not, that’s an idiot." #1 gives in and says "You are right. That’s an idiot." Then both beekeepers look at each other, nod, and say "Agree to diss-a-bee!"

A doctor tells a woman she has only half a year to live. "Oh, doctor, what should I do?" she asks. The doctor advises her to marry a beekeeper and to move with him to Wyoming. The woman asks if this

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