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If the honey bee queen can lay over 1000 eggs per day, why are so few dead bees at/near a hive?

If the honey bee queen can lay over 1000 eggs per day during spring and summer when the hive is most populous and most active, the bees from those eggs must die at a similar rate some weeks later. Why do you not see that many dead bees per day in or near the hive?

Worker bees only live about 6 or 7 weeks in spring or summer so 100s of bees must be dying every day! However, bees have very hygienic behaviors. One of these is that any bee that dies in the hive is removed by the undertaker (mortician) house bees and carried out of the hive and even carried some distance away from the hive. The presence of dead bees close to the hive entrance might attract predators, so removal to some distance away protects the hive. When the death rate in the hive rises and exceeds the capacity of the undertakers, for example in the case of disease outbreak in the hive or the fall dieoff of summer bees, the undertakers may only push corpses just outside the hive, if they can manage to get the dead out of the hive.

Another time you see dead bees in or near the hive, is when inclement weather keeps the undertakers from flying out of the hive. Then the bottom board, the inner cover, or an empty in-frame feeder may be used as a temporary morgue by the hive.

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